8X Healthy snacks before bedtime

I think everyone suffers from cravings in the late hours. You've done a lot of hard work, had a mega long day or just had not had enough dinner and yes; then you can wait for a hungry feeling later in the evening.


Now it would be incredibly unhealthy for the line and our body to work on a snack with a lot of sugars, fats and/or carbohydrates, but we would still like a snack that fills up a bit. And indeed, it is summer and we have to pay attention to the little ones, so healthy snacks are more than welcome.

To help you on your way, I have listed eight healthy snacks below that are not only responsible but also provide a better night’s sleep. You’re welcome.



In cheese, there are proteins and fats that make you feel full quickly. In addition, the substance contains amino acid tryptophan in cheese, which gives you a drowsy feeling.

Breakfast bowls of cereal

Whole grain breakfast cereals, granola or muesli are easy to digest for your body. In addition, breakfast cereals only count 200 calories per bowl.

Low-fat Greek yogurt

Low-fat, low-calorie yogurt, too, contains the same sleepy substance as cheese – tryptophan – which makes you feel drowsy. Moreover, yogurt calms your stomach so you will not wake up less quickly during the night from a difficult digestion.

Slices of turkey

Like chicken, turkey is lean meat that contains few calories. A slice of turkey contains only 100 calories and is certainly in the list of ‘healthy snacks’.

Apple with peanut butter

There is a lot of fiber in apples, while the proteins in peanut butter make you feel satisfied without having a bloated feeling about it. Yes, please!

Lean chocolate pudding

If you cannot resist those chocolate cravings, skimmed chocolate pudding is one of the healthy snacks you can take at bedtime. A portion of low-fat chocolate pudding contains 90 calories and is not heavy on the stomach. Come on!

Baby carrots

Typical case ‘small but nice’! Baby carrots are incredibly nutritious and contain only four calories each. One hundred points a healthy snack before bedtime!


Bananas are super nutritious due to the saturated fiber and are packed with the sleep-inducing substance tryptophan. Tip: banana with a little peanut butter on top is a divine combination!