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Thought Field Therapy (TFT) – Tapping Your Infinite Healing Potential

Throughout ages mankind has worked tremendously to find pathways of healing the human body. The varied medical and therapeutic practices that have come into practice throughout the history are a direct result of this quest to heal the human form. Healing is getting relief from any kind of pain. This pain can be from a disease or from any kind of hurt. This pain can be physical as well as emotional. There is something more interesting here. The emotional pain has a tendency to get manifested in the physical body in the form of disease or even hurt, creating physical pain.

All the above make it clear to an ordinary reader, with no medical or therapeutic background, that pain is a rather complicated aspect and therefore healing also becomes a deep-rooted field of study.

As an old song goes, “Pain is a many splendored thing”, healing too is a multi-faceted endeavour.

There have been many fields of study and the objective of all of them has been to make healing available to everyone. For something to be available to everyone, it is absolutely mandatory that it should be easily implementable.        

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is one such healing therapy, which can be used by everyone and with great ease. It relieves pain by tapping into the infinite healing potential of the mind that everyone possesses.

What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

Thought Field Therapy or TFT, for short, is a technique developed for quick relief from all types of emotional suffering. The technique works something like acupuncture does. The energy centres of the body are stimulated in this just like acupuncture does, but without the usage of needles.

The patients are taught to tap on various parts of their bodies with their fingers to stimulate the energy median and release the emotional distress. This relieves the body and rapid healing occurs within minutes. This seems almost miraculous. But of course, there is no miracle happening because the patients are tapping directly into the energy system of their physical structure. 

Dr. Roger Callahan started developing the TFT techniques back in 1979. He is teaching and sharing Callahan Techniques with millions of people around the globe. Check out the link to see what Callahan Techniques can do for you


What all can Thought Field Therapy (TFT) be used in?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was initially developed for treatment against various kinds of phobias and traumatic stress. The research in the later years revealed that it was a technique, which could be applied to treat varied problems. The treatment can now be extended to stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, grief, obsessive compulsive disorder, anger control, guilt attacks, acute trauma and PTSD, various addictions like that of food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, nail-biting and gambling and many others.

The scope of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) has expanded tremendously in the last few years. It is now used to treat and cure several disorders, which are found to be related with a variety of emotionally distressing situations.

What is the working of Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

Thought Field Therapy (TFT), as the name suggests, works with monitoring the thoughts that the patients are habitually thinking. Thoughts are energy. Science has experienced this and has elaborately studied this.

The thoughts are generated in the invisible portion of our existence, that is, the mind. The thoughts generated create changes in the physical structure of the brain, and affect the central and the sympathetic nervous systems; thus affecting every cell of our being.

The energy element of each thought is very strong and has the capability of affecting the physical body in a very strong way. This is something that everyone must accept, the sooner the better.

Whenever we tune our radio set to a certain frequency the only program that we can receive is the one playing on that frequency. These radio frequencies are energy fields. In The same way, whenever we engage in any thought we tune into a specific frequency. We literally tune ourselves into the thought frequency or the “Thought Field” of the kind of thoughts that we are choosing to think or entertain in our conscious minds. In these thought energy fields, are included coded information patterns, which are put to use by the mind and the body to bring about the entire emotional experience contained in that thought. They are like coded instruction patters, which bring about the same emotional experience every time. This is why the experience received from every thought is always identical because the same instructions are followed each time.

Dr. Callahan calls these ‘perturbations’. The word is derived from the dictionary definition of the word, which means, ‘a cause of mental disquietude’.

When the patient tries tapping on the accurate energy meridian treatment points in a specific sequence these perturbations can be effectively deactivated. The deactivation leads to deactivation of the emotional experience also. The patients can now think with ease the thoughts that earlier troubled them and made them go into an emotionally distressing state. The memory of these experiences causing emotionally disturbing conditions also remains unaffected as no effort is directed towards changing the memory. But the same memory, which earlier caused troubled reactions, can now be thought about without experiencing the earlier difficulties. For instance, in anger management the violent and angry outbursts experienced earlier with certain thought fields will no longer be experienced after the TFT treatment is effectively administered. The same goes for all kinds of addictions and other issues. 


How successful is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

Whenever a new healing technique is developed there are always queries raised about the effectiveness of the therapy. The same is the situation about TFT. Although it is by no means a new technique, it is only recently coming into vogue because of the tremendous success and exposure it has enjoyed in the last few years.

Let us not forget a basic fact that the success rates of any therapeutic procedure always depends upon the knowledge, experience, competence and capability of the practitioner.  The success rates of TFT are also dependent upon the very same. In the hands of a competent practitioner who uses the pre-defined sets of tapping sequences – the algorithms, the success rates experienced by the patients are above 80%.

Dr. Callahan says that in his tele-classes he has used live demonstrations with people and has displayed tremendous results, with people experiencing total success with the therapy. Check out the details of Dr. Callahan’s training and products HERE

Comparison of success rates of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) with other therapeutic measures:

This may sound like a tall statement but we are totally confident in making it. The success rates of Thought Field Therapy (TFT) Algorithm Practitioners are actually incomparable with other forms of therapies.

We can give a list of comparative results but this would be a demeaning thing for other therapies and practitioners of other therapies. So, we do not wish to do such a thing. However, we do wish to instil a healthy dose of curiosity in you, hoping that you will act on it and do your own research.

Since experience is the best way to satisfy the inquisitiveness, we also encourage you to experience the results yourself by trying some of Dr. Callahan’s products. You can do this by visiting this site HERE



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