After years of training to become the Registered Nurse that I have been for several years, I started to pay attention to a nagging thought in the back of my mind: Something very important is missing in our current health system. We need to focus on prevention and not on treatments.

When I was in Medical College I was taught that in aim to heal illness we need to find the cause of illness and remove what’s causing it. However, much to my surprise today’s medicine focuses mainly on treating symptoms and the pharmaceutical industry has a vested interest in keeping you sick. The drug industry is focused on handling symptoms rather than dealing with the root cause of our health problems. Continued treatments and not ultimate cures has, unfortunately become the goal.

Think about it. If no one was sick, the drug companies would go out of business.

Have you ever noticed how many drug commercials come on television within just a few hours? For every pain, aliment, or symptom, there is a drug. The pharmaceutical industry does not hesitate at all to suggest them. The media is full of advertisements that insist that taking drugs is the answer for every health problem.

An interview with a former Vice President of Glaxosmithkline (major pharmaceutical company) in the United Kingdom Science Editor revealed a surprising truth. Less than half the patients prescribed the most expensive drugs actually benefited from them. Over 90% of drugs made to treat symptoms work in only 30%-50% of those to take them.

Drugs are not the answer. There are so many drugs on the market today that don't get tested beside the "test" that takes place when you are taking them yourself. It is really a "hit or miss" gamble when you are just dealing with symptoms and not the cause of the problems. The Chicago Sun Times reported in 2002 that 20% of all drugs have serious side effects. This is besides the fact that we now know that most drugs don't even work in most people.

We each have to take responsibility for our own health. The drug industry has a vested interest in keeping you sick and will allow the chemicals to continue to go into our food, water and air supplies. It is time to focus on our wellness.

The only way that you can take charge of your health is prevention and to seek cures, rather than treatment for symptoms. Focus on the root causes of your health problems, and don't just turn to medicines that probably won't help anyway.

Seeing what I have seen in my long nursing practice, I have been determined to do my own research. I have read many books and have attended many workshops on alternative healing, meditation, hypnotic therapies, super mind and energy healing. During my learning journey I have discovered what conventional medicine could not teach me and I now understand that everything in life is connected.

It is so clear to me that we need to learn to understand the bonds between humans, spirits, and nature. I have also realized that our illness and our healing alike are directly connected to the weakness or strength of our relationships, and the health in every aspect of our lives. Our body, mind, environment, and relationships all matter and require careful attention.

I think that in our very busy society, we do not pay enough attention to the needs of our bodies. We need to nourish it correctly and give it proper exercise, but don’t always do so. Thus, we have an epidemic of obesity, starting in children.

With regard to our minds, we do not take enough care which is necessary to preserve the health of our minds.   We live in a fast paced environment with e-mail, internet, microwaves, cell phones and so many other things coming at us so quickly, and we are just supposed to keep up. We are ever driven to be more productive, sometimes at the expense of our own sanity and well-being. This can make us unhappy. Unhappiness will present itself in the body somewhere along the way. For optimal well-being, we should nourish ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually and pay careful attention to our relationships, especially to raising our children.

I am a strong promoter of meditation and of many Eastern philosophies, including ancient healing modalities. Meditation has been extremely helpful in my own life. I also believe strongly in the work of psychotherapists, hypnotherapy to help heal the wounds of the past, which I think are at the core of many illnesses.

We need to integrate the care of the body with the care of the mind so that we can develop an understanding of how they work together. The faster we do this, the faster we will understand true healing.

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