Exterminate Pests from your House with Completely Natural Pesticides

8th November 2011

It has been the endeavour of this website to make people aware of the kind of products that are sold under the garb of ‘natural’. In fact, all over the world this is the latest marketing tool – to sell everything under the labels of ‘natural’ or better still, ‘herbal’ or ‘organic’. In our last article we had brought forth some information regarding how some ingredients in the so-called ‘natural’ pesticides were not natural by any standards, but were harmful chemicals, which are contributing massively to the increased cases of Parkinson’s disease even in the areas where this disease was not present naturally. In our last article we had also promised that we shall bring our readers more information on how to get rid of pests in their household with completely natural pesticides. In keeping with the promise in the present article we bring about information regarding what materials can be used that are highly effective in killing bugs and pests in your environment.

Health and Wealth Centre is dedicated to bring only the best information to you. The information that we bring forth in our articles is always very well researched and comes from completely authentic sources. The information regarding the pesticides and their chemical and damaging nature comes from Dr. Al Sears, MD, one of the foremost figures in natural skin care and renowned medical practitioner in natural products and therapies. For more information on this please check out -

We give some useful alternates that all of us can very effectively use in our homes and gardens to keep them free from bugs ad pests

Neem is a tree found in natural habitat in parts of Asia. It is very abundantly found growing in India. It grows very well in Florida also. It is considered to be one of the most important medicinal plants found anywhere in the world as almost every part of the plant can be put to some medicinal use or the other. In fact, in rural parts of India this tree is considered to be a real boon as it replaces the presence of a doctor for the poor villagers. Neem oil is a natural extract of the plant and is easily available in stores around the world, as the rest of the world is waking up to the medicinal importance of this plant. There are several documented proofs of this extract from the fruit of the Neem tree being used for pest control for over 2500 years. It can be very effectively used in the gardens to keep out the pests. The best part is that it is completely non-toxic. According to the studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for toxicity in Neem there were zero reactions found even at the highest levels of exposure. This product is really natural in every respect of the word.

The other parts of the Neem tree can also be used for pest control inside the house like the twigs, leaves or even the berries. It is an age-old practice in India to keep some Neem leaves in the closets and kitchen shelves to keep out the bugs. The ends of the soft twigs can be frayed up so that they start looking like brushes. This releases the natural oils. They are used for brushing the teeth also in rural parts of India. These can be kept in the cupboard shelves too for keeping out the bugs.

Diatomaceous earth is another natural ingredient, which can be used for getting rid of the pests and bugs. You can try using the pesticides, which have diatomaceous earth as one of its components.

Natural pyrethrins are good for spot usage on hardy bugs. They are made from chrysanthemums. So, use the pesticides, which have natural pyrethrins in them.

For spot usage like in sprays, a mixture of mint and herbal oils works very well for killing the insects with natural ingredients.

The bug baits, which make use of boric acid derived from the mineral boron, are also very good, especially for keeping the ants away. They are also not toxic to humans or to pets in the house.

Use the above natural things for pest control. They work really well and cut out the toxic chemicals found so widely in chemical pesticides as they have terrible effects on your health and the health of your loved ones