How does your Subconscious Mind Work?

Upon exploring the scientific evidence of how the power of the mind affects the body in a definitive and distinctive way several new aspects are understood. We all have experienced the fact that when we think about something too much it tends to become a reality in our lives. Is this just a matter of thought energy or does it have more concrete biological evidence to it? This question has been asked several times and will continue to be asked till such time that we really understand the full intricacies of the human mind.  
In this article we shall try to explore some of the ways why mind overpowers the body and how we can have control over our minds so that we affect our bodies in a certain way so as to create desired changes in our lives. 

  • The human body is a bunch of cells arranged in an explicit format so that all the life functions are performed to perfection. This is true for all other living organisms also but mostly our discussion would stay pertaining to the human body although its relevance can be extended to all living creatures.

  •  The human body is a complex arrangement. It has tangible as well as intangible features. Mind and the body both have distinct functions. Thinking is a function of the mind, which is predominantly intangible. So the human body cannot be considered only mechanical. It has multifarious functionalities, which need to be understood with a broader perspective of spirit, mind and energy system of the body.   

  •  Evolution has brought in several insights into us. Most of these are stored in our subconscious minds. Our conscious mind is the part of the mind that we are aware of and can consciously control while the subconscious mind is like a database which holds all kinds of information, which we not even aware of.  But this information plays extremely important role in our lives as we react to most of the things according to this stored information. Some of this information is also genetic in nature. But most of the information is learnt in our development phases.

  •  Subconscious mind plays the role of creating our conscious behaviour. It is the single biggest influence on our reactions to almost everything that we experience in our day to day lives. This extends to almost all of our responses. Most of the time people react according to the instantaneous feedback provided to them from their subconscious minds. Neuroscientists have shown that 95%-99% of our behaviour is made up of stored responses. Subconscious mind does not reason or create anything. It just responds from this stored information.    

  •  This is the reason why it is quite a possibility that although we may be trying consciously to move on the forward path but our subconscious mind may be dragging us behind all the time. This is also the reason why just thinking positive does not help. In order to actually move forward we need to reprogram our subconscious minds.

  • The subconscious mind gets some of its programming from prenatal and neonatal experiences and also from the early life experiences. Changes in these are difficult but they too can happen with enough commitment.  


In order to create changes we need to become more self-conscious so that we have lesser dependence on learnt responses. Hypnologic states that are targeted during hypnotherapy procedures help a lot. There are several methodologies that target the subconscious mind and educate it to relearn and reprogram its beliefs.  Some of our highly recommended programs are;

Quantum Jumping.

Quantum Mind Power

Super Mind Evolution




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